Project Director
Patricia E. Kane, Friends of American Arts Curator of American Decorative Arts, Yale University Art Gallery

Web Site Project Team
Ariana French, Digital Projects Manager and Collections System Administrator
Christopher Sleboda, Director of Graphic Design
Tim Speevack, Data Systems Specialist
Tiffany Sprague, Director of Publications and Editorial Services

Dennis Carr, Ph.D. candidate, History of Art, Yale University, and the Carolyn and Peter Lynch Curator of American Decorative Arts, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Benjamin Colman, former Marcia Brady Tucker Curatorial Fellow, Yale University Art Gallery
Jennifer N. Johnson, the Marcia Brady Tucker Senior Curatorial Fellow, Yale University Art Gallery

Research Assistant
Mia Taradash, Yale University Art Gallery

Database Compilers
(All students are affiliated with Yale University, unless otherwise noted.)
Bradley Bailey, B.A. 2005, M.A. 2007, M.Phil. 2008, Ph.D. 2013
Derin T. Bray, B.A. 2004
Dana Byrd, B.A. 1999, M.A. 2007, M.Phil. 2009, Ph.D. 2012
Elizabeth Deters, B.A. 2004
Rebecca Garcia, B.A. 2004
Tess Gerrand, B.A. 2010
Lee Glandorf, B.A. 2009
Nora Gortcheva, M.A. 2008, M.Phil. 2008
Nicole Grigg, B.A. 2012
Andrew Hawkes, M.F.A. candidate
Sharon Helgans, B.F.A. 2008, State University of New York at New Paltz
Isadora Italia, B.A. 2014
Jessica Jollie, B.A. 2013
Sarah Jones, B.A. 2006
Ellen Lohe, B.A. 2011
Jessie MacLeod, B.A. 2008
Sequoia Miller, Ph.D. candidate, History of Art
Lauren Ritz, B.A. 2011
Lynn W. Saltonstall, B.A. 2004, M.A. 2007
Amra Saric, TC 07
Tatsiana Zhurauliova, M.A. 2009

Photography Research
Nancy Stedman, Museum Assistant, Yale University Art Gallery
Lauren Romanello, B.S. 2011, Southern Connecticut State University

Volunteer Research Assistants
Peter Cooper
Thomas B. Lloyd
Fred Murphy