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Photo: Courtesy Northeast Auctions, Portsmouth, N.H.
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Tilt-top table

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Made in Rhode Island
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Ed Weissman Antiquarian, Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Northeast Auctions, Portsmouth, New Hampshire (sale held Manchester, New Hampshire), August 6–8, 2010, lot 856. Northeast Auctions, Portsmouth, New Hampshire (sale held Manchester, New Hampshire), August 3–5, 2012, lot 759. Northeast Auctions, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, October 26–27, 2013, lot 90

Associated names

Ed Weissman Antiquarian
Northeast Auctions


The circular top has a raised, molded and beaded edge, stepped down slightly on its underside, where it is fitted with two cleats, to which it is joined by four screws apiece-two countersunk screws near each shaped end, and two domed-top surface-mounted screws near the beginning of each central, deeper section. There is a further, countersunk screw in the central section of one cleat. The top tilts by means of pins in the sides of the rectangular block atop the pedestal, which are set in holes in the cleats. It is secured by a brass catch latch, held to the underside of the table with three screws. In the top of the rectangular block atop the pedestal is the square top of the pedestal itself, together with two wood wedges. On the underside of the block are prominent scribe lines. The vasiform pedestal below has a turned capital and base. The sides of the cylindrical base of the pedestal are shaved where they join the legs. On the underside of the pedestal base are three overlapping wrought-iron straps, secured with screws and rosehead nails, which conceal the connection between the pedestal and the three flat-sided, arched-top cabriole legs ending in shod snake feet. On the underside of each leg is a prominent scribe line. The arrangement of tilting top and tripod allows the table to stand against a wall when not in use. Examined by P.E. Kane, August 6, 2010; notes compiled by T.B. Lloyd.


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