The Rhode Island Furniture Archive at the Yale University Art Gallery has as its goal the creation of a resource that combines a census of the furniture that was made in Rhode Island, from the founding of the colony in the seventeenth century to the dawn of the industrial era in about 1840, with data about the makers and owners. Such a resource has never before been compiled in the field of American decorative arts and doing so has presented many challenges and necessitated the help and support of numerous individuals and institutions. Those of us who assembled this resource take this opportunity to extend sincere thanks to them.

Financial support was essential in the creation of this database, and we thank the Henry Luce Foundation for the grant that enabled Patricia E. Kane, Friends of American Arts Curator of American Decorative Arts at the Gallery, to have a sabbatical in 2003�4 so that she could research public documents in the Rhode Island record repositories. This research provided the basis of the biographies of the makers. In addition, gifts from the following foundations and individuals supported the research, data entry, and photography: John Nicholas Brown Center, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island; Helen D. Buchanan; Peter B. Cooper, B.A. 1960, LL.B. 1964, M.U.S. 1965; the Dobson Foundation, Inc.; Barbara W. Glauber; Frank L. Hohmann III; Philip Holzer; Rhoda and Stuart Holzer; Linda H. Kaufman; the William S. and Lora Jean Kilroy Foundation; Bernard and S. Dean Levy, Inc., New York; Nathan Liverant and Son, LLC, Colchester, Connecticut; the Stanley and Martha Livingston Fund, the Rhode Island Foundation; Sarah Jeffords Radcliffe; Bridget and Alfred Ritter; Gayle and Howard Rothman; William Upton; Lulu C. and Anthony W. Wang, B.A. 1965; Bruce Westcott; E. Martin Wunsch; and the Wunsch Foundation, Inc.

The project also benefitted from the many individuals who generously shared their research and object information, and provided other support. These include: Robert Almeida and Anne Adessi; Jeffrey Arnstein, Arnstein Associates; Susan Doherty and Syed Ali; Claire Arnold; W. Scott Braznell, who assisted with furniture examinations; Allan Breed, who provided guidance on construction techniques; Cherry Fletcher Bamberg; Renee Brown-Bryant; the late Don Buckley, Buckley and Buckley, Salisbury, Connecticut; the late Ralph Carpenter, who shared his research files; Jay A. Cary; Brian Cullity; Deborah Downey; Neil Dunay; Robert Emlen, who shared the Sara Steiner research notes on furniture makers in Rhode Island land records; Katherine Farnham and Deanne Levison, who assisted with the research on Thomas Spencer; Julian Fisher; Erik Gronning, for his help in identifying features of Rhode Island easy chairs; Jeffrey Greene; Anthony Harris; Morrison H. Heckscher, who provided information on John Townsend; Becky Hunter; Elizabeth Lahikainen, for her help in identifying upholstery techniques; Peter Larson; Arthur Liverant, Nathan Liverant and Son, LLC, Colchester, Connecticut; Sean Fisher, Robert Mussey Associates, Boston, for sharing information on a documented Thomas Townsend bureau table; Richard Mones; Liza and Michael Moses, who donated their photographic archive on Rhode Island furniture to the Gallery; Jack O�Brien; Joan Parcher; Sumpter Priddy III; David A. Schorsch and Eileen M. Smiles; Arun Singh; Anne Rogers Haley, who donated her research notes on British trade records; Michael P. Wheeler, Tomorrow's Antiques, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts; Laurent Torno; Stanley Weiss; and Don West for bringing additional citations to our attention. In particular, Matt Buckley and Gary Sullivan of Gary R. Sullivan Antiques Inc., in Sharon, Massachusetts, were remarkably generous in sharing information and illustrations of surviving Rhode Island furniture.

The custodians of public records were also generous with their time and resources, including the town clerks of all the towns in Rhode Island who opened their archives to us, as well as the staff of the Rhode Island State Archives, and Stephen Grimes, Andrew Smith, and other staff members of the Supreme Court Judicial Records Center, Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Ray Battcher, Bristol Historical and Preservation Society, Rhode Island, and Bertram Lippincott III, Newport Historical Society, Rhode Island, provided access to resources at those institutions. Kathleen Jones and the volunteers at the Woodbridge Family History Center, Connecticut, provided access to genealogical records available through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Many private collectors and inheritors generously allowed us to examine their objects, which was invaluable for gleaning details of construction techniques, including: Douglas Anderson; Robert Bass; Henry Beckwith; Nathan Benn; Barbara and Richard Benson, HON. 1996; Helen D. Buchanan; Mr. and Mrs. William C. Bullock, Jr., B.A. 1958; Pam Carr, Carr Family Homestead; Cheryl and William Collins; Tara Cederholm, Matthew Kulik, Emily Schneider, and Martha Small, the Crosby Company of New Hampshire, LLC, Salem, New Hampshire; Lilo and Charles Dare; Shirley and Mark Donovan; Jacob Dunnell and Kelly Fagan; Dyer family members Lili Dyer, Natalie Dyer, and Diana Knoblauch; David Ford; Constance Godfrey; Mary and Norman Gronning; Penny Harris; Mary Lou and James B. Hawkes; June and the late Joseph Hennage; Judith and John Herdeg; the late Benjamin A. Hewitt; Lara and Glenn Hillman; Frank L. Hohmann III; the late Philip Holzer; Gordon James; Thomas Jameson III; Linda H. Kaufman; Jeanie Kilroy Wilson; Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Livingston, Jr., B.S. 1940; Ann and Michael Loeb; Barbara and Andrew McCurdy; Marjorie and John McGraw; Decourcy E. McIntosh; Shirley and the late James G. Mersereau, B.E. 1953; Anne Ott; Tracy and Al Patnaude; Sarah and Harvey Perry; Gerald Peters; Peter Pfannenroth; Bridget and Alfred Ritter; Gayle and Howard Rothman; Nancy Carpenter Schock; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Seidlitz; Isaac Smith, Jr.; Anne H. and Frederick I. Vogel III; Ron Vukelich; Monte and Anne Wallace; Lulu C. and Anthony W. Wang, B.A. 1965; Karen and Richard Waterman; Bruce Westcott; Henry Austin Wood; and E. Martin Wunsch.

Auction houses, dealers, and institutions allowed us to study and record examples of Rhode Island furniture, and we acknowledge the help of the following: Judith Barter, Brandy S. Culp, and Monica Obniski, Art Institute of Chicago; Ellen Madison and Charlene Senical, Babcock-Smith House Museum, Westerly, Rhode Island; Ron M. Potvin, John Nicholas Brown Center, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island; Ted McCoy, Jonathan Prown, and Steve Wallschlaeger, Chipstone Foundation, Milwaukee; Dean F. Failey, John Hays, and Martha H. Willoughby, Christie�s, New York; Tara Gleason Chicirda, The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation; Patrick Sheary, Daughters of the American Revolution Museum, Washington, D.C.; Kenneth Myers, Detroit Institute of Arts; Marcee Craighill and Virginia B. Hart, Diplomatic Reception Rooms, U.S. Department of State, Washington, D.C.; Daniel B. Randall, Senior Pastor, First Congregational Church, Bristol, Rhode Island; Clara Deck, Mark Gervasi, Lisa Korzetz, Leslie Mio, Carol Ann Missant, Charles Sable, The Henry Ford, Dearborn, Michigan; Ronald T. Labaco, High Museum of Art, Atlanta; Ned Lazaro and Philip Zea, Historic Deerfield, Inc., Massachusetts; Nancy Carlisle, Historic New England, Boston; John Hunt House, East Providence Historical Society, Rhode Island; Joseph Kabe, Joseph Kabe Estate Auctions, Milford, Connecticut; Leigh Keno, Keno Auctions, New York; Deanne Levison, Atlanta; S. Dean Levy, B.A. 1964, and Frank Levy, Bernard and S. Dean Levy, Inc., New York; Nathan Liverant and Son, LLC, Colchester, Connecticut; Morgan Mac Whinnie, Southampton, New York; Anne von Rosenberg, Martin House and Farm, Swansea, Massachusetts; Bradley Bailey and Elizabeth Barker, Mead Art Museum, Amherst College, Massachusetts; Nancy Britton, Moira Gallagher, Morrison H. Heckscher, and Peter M. Kenny, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Melissa Hartley Omholt, Milwaukee Art Museum; Jason T. Busch and Christopher Monkhouse, Minneapolis Institute of Arts; Dennis Carr, Nonnie Gadsen, Christine Schaette, and Gerald Ward, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Michael K. Brown, Remi Dyll, and Michael Kennaugh, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Nancy W. Grinnell, Newport Art Museum, Rhode Island; Matthew DeLaire, Jennifer Robinson, Ruth Taylor, Adams Taylor, and M. Joan Youngken,, Newport Historical Society, Rhode Island; Kristen Costa and A. Bruce MacLeish, Newport Restoration Foundation, Rhode Island; Ronald P. Bourgeault, Northeast Auctions, Portsmouth, New Hampshire; Susan Gunn Bromley, Norwalk Museum, Connecticut; David L. Barquist, M.A. 1994, M.Phil. 1995, Ph.D. 2001; David deMuzio, and Christopher Storb, Philadelphia Museum of Art; Suzanne Flynt and Van Wood, Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield, Massachusetts; Charles J. Burns and Paul F. Miller, the Preservation Society of Newport County, Rhode Island; Elizabeth Beach, Putnam Elms Historic House Museum and Episcopal Church, Brooklyn, Connecticut; Whitney Pape, Redwood Library and Athenaeum, Newport, Rhode Island; Kirsten Hammerstrom, J. D. Kay, and Dana Munroe, Rhode Island Historical Society, Providence; Laura Ostrander, Michael Owen, Elizabeth Williams, and Stephen Wing, Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence; Jane Williamson, Rokeby Museum, Ferrisburgh, Vermont; Jean M. Burks, Shelburne Museum, Vermont; Stephen Fletcher and Martha Hamilton, Skinner, Inc., Boston; and Erik Gronning and Leslie Keno, Sotheby�s, New York; William Stahl, Millbrook, New York; Alyce Perry Englund, Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Hartford, Connecticut; David J. Bernard, Taylor B. Williams Antiques, Harbert, Michigan; Brigette Hopkins and Nina Wright, Westerly Public Library, Rhode Island; and Mark Anderson, Stephanie Auffret, Wendy Cooper, Linda Eaton, Julia Hofer, Josh Lane, Mary McGinn, and Catharine Roeber, Winterthur Museum, Delaware.

Securing permission to use images on the Web site was a daunting task undertaken by Nancy Stedman, Museum Assistant at the Gallery, with the assistance of Bursary Student Lauren Romanello. For responding to requests for rights to images we thank the following individuals and institutions: Susan Doherty and Syed Ali; Dr. Douglas Anderson; Stephen T. B. Jablonski, Antiquario Villas and Cottages Antiques, Woodbury, Connecticut; Sam Schnaidt, Apple Tree Auction Center, Newark, Ohio; Amy B. Berman, Jacqueline G. Maman, Art Institute of Chicago; Paula Lupton, General Artemas Ward House Museum, Harvard University, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts; David W. P. Ayers; Babcock-Smith House, Westerly, Rhode Island; William H. Bakeman, Jr., Bakeman Antiques, Wilbraham, Massachusetts; Brianna Bedigian, David Park Curry, Brittany Emens, and Amanda Hamilton, Baltimore Museum of Art; Cherry Fletcher Bamberg; Nathan Benn; Barbara and Richard Benson; Nicholas Benson; Michael March, Blackwood/March Auctioneers, Essex, Massachusetts; Philip H. Bradley Co. Antiques, Downingtown, Pennsylvania; Dr. Barrett Bready; Allan Breed; Rima Ibrahim and Barry R. Harwood, Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York; Darlene and Thomas A. Brown; Blaine Brown, Brown Bros. Auction Gallery, Buckingham, Pennsylvania; Robert P. Emlen, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island; Carlton C. Brownell; Andrew Brunk and Tipton Gentry, Brunk Auctions, Asheville, North Carolina; Helen D. Buchanan; Don Buckley, Buckley and Buckley, Salisbury, Connecticut; Edith Swain and William C. Bullock, Jr.; Joan Caddigan, Caddigan Auctioneers and Appraisers, Inc., Hanover, Massachusetts; Russell Carlson, Carlsen Gallery, Inc., Freehold, New York; Jason T. 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Members of the Yale University Art Gallery offered crucial support in the development of this Web site including: John Stuart Gordon, the Benjamin Attmore Hewitt Associate Curator of American Decorative Arts, Jennifer N. Johnson, Senior Marcia Brady Tucker Fellow, and Emily M. Orr and Diane C. Wright, former Marcia Brady Tucker Fellows, all Department of American Decorative Arts, who assisted with furniture examinations; Katherine Chabla, Museum Assistant, Department of American Decorative Arts, who oversaw the database entry in the Furniture Study; Ariana French and Scott Williams, Data and Database Specialists, Thomas Raich, Director of Information Technology, and Tim Speevack, Data Systems Specialist, who guided the development of the database; Christopher Sleboda, Director of Graphic Design, who designed the Web site; Tiffany Sprague, Director of Publications and Editorial Services, who set the editorial standards; and Brian McGovern, Assistant Director for Museum Resources and Stewardship, and Jill Westgard, Deputy Director for Museum Resources and Stewardship, who helped with the fundraising. Volunteers have contributed numerous hours: Peter Cooper and Fred Murphy have conducted genealogical research; and Thomas B. Lloyd has written the notes on construction.