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Photo: Courtesy The Chipstone Foundation, Fox Point, Wis., 1961.10; photo by Gavin Ashworth
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Object number



Maker Unknown


38 1/8 24 1/2 68 3/4 in. (96.838 62.23 174.625 cm)



Current location

The Chipstone Foundation


Probably made in Massachusetts, or possibly made in Rhode Island
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John S. Walton, Inc., New York; sold to Polly Mariner Stone (1898–1995) and Stanley Stone (1896–1987), Fox Point, Wisconsin, 1961; bequeathed by Stanley Stone to The Chipstone Foundation, Fox Point, Wisconsin, 1987

Associated names

John S. Walton, Inc.
Polly Mariner Stone
Stanley Stone


"The framing members of the adjustable back form mortise-and-tenon joints at the corners and hold the splat in place. The lower back rail forms pins that go into holes drilled into the inner sides of the stiles and allow the back to swing. A chain attached behind the top of each stile goes through the back of the crest rail where it may be shortened or lengthened to determine how far the back inclines. Seat rails are also joined at the corners. The four middle cabriole legs are doweled into the side seat rails and are pegged through the front. The front legs extend above the line of the skirt and form the corners to which the front and side seat rails are joined. Two walnut supports span the width of the daybed at the level of the seat rails just above the cabriole legs. Each leg is flanked by cyma-curved brackets that are nailed both to the seat rail and the leg. A thin groove molding runs along the perimeter of the seat rails at the top. The transverse stretchers are tenoned into the legs and are wedged in place." Source: Oswaldo Rodriguez Roque, American Furniture at Chipstone, (Madison, Wis.: University of Wisconsin Press, 1984), 196.


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