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Photo: Courtesy Stanley Weiss Collection, Providence, R.I.
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Maker Unknown


37 × 67 × 26 in. (93.98 × 170.18 × 66.04 cm)



Current location

Stanley Weiss Collection


Made in Newport, Rhode Island
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Mahogany (primary); white pine, chestnut (secondary)




"History of this Sideboard (or [torn] / George Tennant was born at Jamestown, R. I. [torn] / four times. The names of his wives were: Hanna [torn] / [illegible]rteen children. Then [torn] and tenth [torn] / [illegible] Nancy and Eliza. They were b[orn] at Plainfi [torn] / Nancy married Boone Spink of North Kingston, R. [torn] / iel Sweet of Newport, R.I. This sideboard was presen [torn] / her husband either upon their wedding-day, or soon af [torn] / have been bought in Boston. Eliza died childless and [torn] side/board to her half-sister Lydia, who was the thirteen[th] [torn] young/est of the family. She was born at Wickford, March 2 [torn] ried / John Westcott of Wickford, January 20th. 1822. She died [torn] lace/October 18th. 1881. The sideboard then came into [torn] / daughter Almira, who was living in the homestead, [torn] gave / it to her oldest brother Oliver Spink Westcott [torn] L.I. / At Christmas-time 1898, Oliver S. Westcott [torn]co a / suburb of Chicago where he was then living [torn] / dining-room.," in typescript, on lined paper glued to slide; "5" in chalk on interior back of proper right upper narrow drawer; "6" in chalk on interior back of proper right lower narrow drawer. "In Side" in chalk on interior of backboard


Nathaniel Sweet (1781–1845), Newport, Rhode Island; given to his wife, Eliza Tennant Sweet (1784–1860), Newport, Rhode Island; bequeathed to her half sister, Mrs. John Westcott (née Lydia Tennant, died 1881), Wickford, Rhode Island; bequeathed to her daughter, Almira Westcott, Wickford, Rhode Island; given to her brother, Oliver Spink Westcott, Long Island, and a Chicago suburb. Pook and Pook, Inc., Dowingtown, Pennsylvania, May 21–22, 2004. George D. Crittendon, Glencoe, Illinois; Northeast Auctions, Hampton, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire (sale held Manchester, New Hampshire), August 5–7, 2005, lot 1476. Stanley Weiss Collection, Providence, Rhode Island, 2010

Associated names

Eliza Tennant Sweet
Tennant/Sweet family
Northeast Auctions
Pook and Pook, Inc.
George D. Crittenton
Almira Westcott
Oliver Spink Westcott
Lydia Tennant Westcott
Nathaniel Sweet


The center supports for the drawers are dovetailed to the drawer dividers. Stops are glued to the backs of the drawers. The top edges of the drawer sides are flat. In the narrow drawers the grain of the bottoms runs from side to side. Half-blind dovetails fasten the drawer front to the drawer side with a half pin at the top and a half pin at the bottom. The drawer bottom fits into grooves in the front and sides and is nailed to the underside of the back. The drawer supports are nailed to the case sides. The brasses are replaced.

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