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Dining table

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Maker, possibly by John Townsend, American, 1732/33–1809


Height: 28 1/2 16 1/2 48 1/4 in. (72.39 41.91 122.56 cm) Width closed: 16 1/2 in. (41.91 cm) Depth: 48 1/4 in. (122.555 cm)



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Made in Rhode Island
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Mahogany (primary); beech (hinged and stationary rails); chestnut (corner blocks and glue blocks)




"A" and "A," in graphite, on exterior of stationary section and hinged section of outer rails on one side; "B" and "B," in graphite, on opposite side


Unknown estate, Rhode Island; consigned to Christie's, New York, January 20–21, 2006, lot 816. CRN Auctions, Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts, November 18, 2007, lot 152

Associated names

CRN Auctions, Inc.


The rectangular single-board square-edged top is flanked by rectangular single-board square-edged leaves and attached thereto by four sets of iron hinges, each leaf thrice-screwed, laid out with scribe lines and set just inward of the outside corners of the frame. The top joins the frame by means of four horizontal chamfered glue blocks and three transverse braces dovetailed into the tops of the stationary rails and affixed with screws to the underside of the top. The stationary rails are nailed to the hinged rails with rosehead nails. Two transverse braces are dovetailed into the bottoms of the stationary rails. The swing legs join their rails with mortise and tenons, showing two wood pins and scribe lines. The double-serpentine skirt joins the stationary rails with dovetails, having four thick-necked pins and half-pins above and below. The hinged legs move by means of round, five-knuckled hinges and are rabbeted to fit over the end of the support rails. There are vertical rectangular glue blocks with chamfered bottoms in each corner of the frame (at least one is missing). The legs are square, with five arched stop-flutes on each face. Examined by P. E. Kane, E. Eisenbarth, and M. Taradash, January 20, 2006; notes compiled by T. B. Lloyd.

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