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From: American Antiques from Israel Sack Collection, vol. 7 (Alexandria, Va.: Highland House Publishers, 1989), 2061, P5443
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Side chairs, set of eight

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Maker Unknown


Height: 39 in. (99.06 cm)



Current location



Made in Rhode Island, or made in New York
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Mahogany (primary); mahogany (some front open corner braces); cherry (some front open corner braces); birch (some seat rails); maple (some seat rails); yellow poplar (some corner blocks); pine (some corner blocks)


Israel Sack, Inc., New York, 1983

Associated names

Israel Sack, Inc.


The side rails are tenoned through the stiles. The rear rail is pinned to the stiles with one pin. The rear rail has a half-inch mahogany facing. The medial stretcher is tenoned into the side stretchers. The side stretchers and the rear stretcher join the legs with single-shouldered tenons and are not pinned. The rear stretcher is inset slightly from the faces of the stiles; the side stretchers are flush with the stiles and front legs. The splat shoe has beaded edges and is held in place with brads on either side of the splat. The crest rail is attached to the stiles without pins. The armchair and one side chair have a seam at the base of the shield. The serpentine on some front seat rails is applied and is held in place with two wooden pegs. Examined by P. E. Kane, January 21, 2011.

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American Antiques from Israel Sack Collection, 10 vols. (Washington, D.C.: Highland House Publishers, 1957–89), vol. 7, p. 2061, P5443, ill.