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Photo: Courtesy Bernard and S. Dean Levy, Inc., New York
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Maker Joseph Rawson and Son, active 1808–26


43 72 24 1/2 in. (109.22 182.88 62.23 cm)



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Made in Providence, Rhode Island
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Mahogany, mahogany and maple veneer, and lightwood inlay (primary); pine (drawer linings, case sides, sides and bottom of central compartment, backboard, and drawer supports, guides, and stops); cherry (top rail, drawer divider, lower rail, backing of doors of central cupboard, and uprights of case front)


"Joseph Rawson and Son's/CABINET FURNITURE / MANUFACTOR, / NEAR THE THEATRE, / PROVIDENCE / All kinds of Cabinet Furniture executed in the newest Fashions.," printed on a paper label glued to the proper-left interior side of the proper-left upper drawer


“/1,” in chalk, on exterior back of proper-right upper drawer; “/2,” in chalk, on exterior back of proper-left upper drawer; drawing of posts, in graphite, on exterior bottom of proper-left upper drawer; “1,” in chalk, on exterior back of central drawer; drawing of architectural element, in graphite, on proper-right exterior side of central cupboard; “/2,” in chalk, on exterior back of proper-right lower drawer; “?” and “1,” in chalk, on exterior back of proper-left lower drawer; “1 [later?],” in graphite, on top of proper-right drawer divider; “V” and “2 [later?],” in graphite, on top of proper-left drawer divider


Israel Sack, Inc., New York, 1969. Sotheby Parke Bernet, Inc., New York, January 24–27, 1973, lot 938. Bernard and S. Dean Levy, Inc., New York, 1974, 1980, 2000, 2002, and 2014

Associated names

Bernard and S. Dean Levy, Inc.
Israel Sack, Inc.
Sotheby Parke Bernet
Bernard and S. Dean Levy, Inc.
Bernard and S. Dean Levy, Inc.


The oblong top has a square, line-inlaid edge, half-round outset rear corners, three-quarter-round outset front corners, and a bowed center flanked by half-round projections. Its thin single-piece surface board is glued to a frame of longitudinal and transverse battens. The assembled top is secured to its conformingly shaped case by screwpockets, including one in the inside face of each single-board case side. The case bottom consists of a bow-fronted central rail dovetailed to a block atop each medial leg which is dovetailed to the straight-fronted flanking rails. The central rail is also dovetailed to the bottom of each interior partition. Three separate case bottom boards are lapped to the front rails and butt-jointed to the bottom of the interior partitions and the backboard; these joints are all accompanied by rectangular horizontal glue blocks. Within the case, drawer guides for the flanking deep drawers are glued to the top face of case bottom panels and held in by glue blocks. The shallow drawers above have supports which are butted and nailed to the drawer dividers in front and nailed into the backboard. Drawer guides are fixed to these supports from underneath with rosehead nails. Vertical strips glued to the inside face of the backboard serve as drawerstops. The leg and stile assembled at the front corners of the case are secured to it by screwpockets in vertical blocks. The veneered, bow-fronted cupboard doors consist of six vertical laminations with curved horizontal top and bottom rails. The central bow-fronted drawer front has three horizontal laminations. Each drawer front meets its flush, flat-topped drawer side in a dovetail joint, having finely cut pins of varying configuration, with half-pins above and below. The single-board drawer bottoms, parallel to the fronts, are chamfered at the front and the full-depth sides, where they fit into grooves. One deep drawer is fitted with vertical partitions. The drawer bottoms are nailed with brads to the flat-topped drawer backs. Examined by P. E. Kane and J. N. Johnson, June 16, 2014; notes compiled by T. B. Lloyd.

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