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Photo: Courtesy Sotheby's, New York
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Maker Unknown


90 39 1/2 20 in. (228.601 100.33 50.8 cm)



Current location

Private Collection


Made in Rhode Island
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Mahogany; white pine




"1," "2," "3," "4," and "5," in graphite, on the exterior drawer backs in upper case and "6," "7," "8," "9" plus check marks, in graphite, on exterior drawer backs in lower case with corresponding numbers on drawer bottom interiors


Charles Hitchcock Tyler (1862–1931), Brookline, Massachusetts; consigned by his estate to American Art Association, Anderson Galleries, Inc., New York, January 24-28, 1933, lot 1195. Bernard and S. Dean Levy, Inc., New York, 1979. The Staiger Family, Massachusetts. Sotheby's, New York, January 30–31 and February 1, 1986, lot 636. Sotheby's, New York, October 24, 1987, lot 485. Sotheby's, New York, October 10, 1998, lot 318. Sotheby's, New York, October 7, 2006, lot 312. Dr. Clarence Zimmerman; consigned by his estate to Sotheby's, New York, January 21–22, 2011, lot 333; private collection

Associated names

Bernard and S. Dean Levy, Inc.
Charles Hitchcock Tyler
American Art Association
Staiger family
Anderson Galleries
Dr. Clarence Zimmerman


The cornice moldings within the opening for the finial continue all the way to the back of the case. The side cornice moldings are nailed to the case from the exterior. The upper case has two-piece backboards with handsaw marks fastened with rosehead nails to rabbets in the case sides. The backboards are supported with a vertical brace. The back of the pediment is a single board nailed to the top of the case with t-headed nails. The pediment is roofed with boards nailed to the cornice moldings and the backboard. The drawer dividers are fastened to the case sides with exposed dovetails. The pediment facing board fits into rabbets in the case sides. The drawer supports are replaced. All the drawers lock. The tops of the drawer sides are slightly rounded and the top of the drawer back is flat. The drawer sides are dovetailed to the drawer fronts and backs with dovetails with narrow pins; the bottoms are let into grooves in the drawer fronts and sides and are nailed to the undersides of the drawer backs. The joint of the bottom of the upper case and the front rail is reinforced with three chamfered glue blocks. The sides of the top and bottom cases are comprised of three boards each. The top of the lower case has a front strip of mahogany dovetailed to the case sides with a full pine board dovetailed to the case sides behind it. The bottom of the lower case is fastened to the front rail by three large t-headed nails driven from the underside. The front feet are blocked with horizontal glue blocks mitred together on which the vetical blocks sit. The rear feet have vertical glue blocks that rest against the case with horizontal blocks that butt them; the rear bracket fits in a slot in the side foot, has an arched profile on its inner edges, and an additional vertical block on the exterior.


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