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Photo: Courtesy Sotheby's, New York
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Chest of drawers

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Maker Unknown


33 3/4 37 1/4 19 1/4 in. (85.725 94.615 48.895 cm)



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Made in Rhode Island
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Maple (primary); chestnut (back, bottom board, drawers sides and bottoms); white pine (drawer supports)




"No 1," "No 2," "No 4" In graphite on the interior drawer bottoms of three drawers. "X" incised on the interior drawer backs and on the interior of the drawer bottoms at the front. "I" in chalk on the exterior of the proper right rear bracket and "II" on the proper left rear bracket. A Ginsburg and Levy, Inc. paper label is glued to the case back.


Ginsburg and Levy, Inc., New York. Josephine Clay Ford (1923–2005) and Walter Buhl Ford II (1920–1991), Grosse Point Farms, Michigan; consigned by her estate to Sotheby's, New York, October 6, 2006, lot 359

Associated names

Ginsburg and Levy, Inc.
Josephine Clay Ford
Walter Buhl Ford II


TOP: The top is attached to the case with pegs and nails into a cross brace. BACK: The three boards for the back are butted and nailed with rosehead nails to rabbets in the one-board case sides, the back edge of the subtop, and the back edge of the bottom board. DRAWERS: The drawer dividers are half dovetailed to the case sides. The tops of the drawer sides are flat and flush with the drawer fronts; the dovetails are short with relatively thick necks; the kerf marks are long and fine. The grain of the one-piece drawer bottoms runs side to side; the bottoms are fit into rabbets in the drawer front and sides; the bottoms are nailed with rosehead nails to the drawer fronts and to the drawer backs; strips are glued to the bottoms of the drawer sides. BASE: Each front foot and half of the base molding are cut from a single board; the moldings meet with a vertical seam at the center. The side feet and moldings are one piece. The inner faces of the brackets on the rear feet are angled and the brackets butt the side feet. The bottom rail is tenoned to the case sides and is fastened to the bottom board with wooden pegs. The vertical blocks on the feet and the brasses are replaced. Examined by P. E. Kane, September 30, 2006.


Sotheby's, New York, Property from the Collection of Josephine and Walter Buhl Ford II, sale cat. (October 6, 2006), 182–83, lot 359, ill.