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Photo: Courtesy Yale University Art Gallery, Mabel Brady Garvan Collection, 1930.2054
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Chest with drawers

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Maker Unknown


Height: 89 5/8 in. (227.585 cm) Width: 97 7/8 in. (248.667 cm) Depth: 47 3/8 in. (120.396 cm) Case width: 93 1/2 in. (237.491 cm) Case depth: 45 1/8 in. (114.554 cm)



Current location

Yale University Art Gallery


Probably made in Rhode Island
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Soft maple (top, sides, front, drawer fronts, moldings); eastern white pine (top bacboards, chest bottom, drawer divider, drawer bottom); chestnut (drawer sides, backs, and bottoms, bottom backboard, strips applied to front edge of sides) by microanalysis






J. Norris, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia; sold to Francis P. Garvan, New York; given to Yale University Art Gallery, 1930

Associated names

J. Norris
Francis P. Garvan


The top is attached to the back with snipe-bill hinges. The sides are half lapped to the front and back and are nailed in place; below the chest section, the rabbet in the front of the sides has been filled with strips of chestnut to receive the molding. The chest bottom is two boards butted together and let into a goove in the sides. The back consists of two horizontal boards butted together and nailed in place. The drawer divider is dovetailed to the sides; there is no dustboard, and the bottom is dovetailed to the sides. There is applied base molding at the front and sides, nailed to blocks above the turned feet and to a strip running behind the front molding. In each drawer, the sides are dovetailed to the front and back, and the drawer bottom is let into a rabbet in the front and nailed to the sides and back. Source: Gerald W. R. Ward, American Case Furniture in the Mabel Brady Garvan and Other Collections at Yale University,(New Haven, Conn.: Yale University Art Gallery), 107.


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