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Photo: Courtesy Christie's, New York
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Pembroke table

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Maker Unknown


Height: 26 1/2 in. (67.31 cm) Width, open: 31 7/8 in. (80.963 cm) Depth: 31 1/4 in. (79.375 cm)



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Made in Rhode Island
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"VC," incised, twice on back of drawer; "I," incised, either side of one leaf support; "II," incised, either side of other leaf support


Nathan Liverant and Son, Colchester, Connecticut, by 1996; sold to George and Lesley Schoedinger, Saint Louis, 1996; consigned to Christie's, New York, January 18, 2008, lot 530

Associated names

Nathan Liverant and Son
George and Lesley Schoedinger


The rectangular, oblong top has a square edge, and is flanked by two rectangular, square-edged leaves, to which it is attached by four sets of iron hinges, each leaf thrice-screwed, set slightly inward from the legs, and laid out by prominent scribe lines on the underside of the top. The joints between the leaves are quarter round. The top is secured to the frame by screw pockets?one on the inside of the short rail opposite the drawer, and two each on the outside of each outer rail?and a nail in the rail above the drawer. The frameless drawer front meets its flat-topped drawer sides in dovetail joints, having finely cut, narrow-necked pins, with large half-pins above. The top of the drawer front is quite proud of the top of the drawer side, the bottom of the drawer side is quite shy of the bottom of the drawer front, and there are prominent kerf and scribe lines inside the drawer front. The drawer bottom is perpendicular to the drawer front, and chamfered at the sides, where it is set into grooves near the bottoms of the full-height drawer sides. Rosehead nails join the drawer bottom to the drawer back. Within the frame are drawer supports and drawer guides (one missing) fixed to the inner rail with rosehead nails. The inner and outer rails are joined by rosehead nails. There are three circular holes inside the short rail opposite the drawer, and a small, horizontal, rectangular recess at the end of the proper left inside rail, near the short rail. Each outside rail is fitted with a trapezoidal leaf support, the bottom of which is carved to provide an incurvate finger hold. Each inner rail bears a scribe line corresponding to the location of the adjoining rail?s leaf support. The supports swing out by means of square, carved, five-knuckled hinges. The outer rails meet the plain, square, tapered legs in mortise and tenon joints, without wood pins. Examined by P.E. Kane, January 2008; notes compiled by T.B. Lloyd.


Christie's, New York, Property from the Collection of George and Lesley Schoedinger, sale cat. (January 18, 2008), 73, lot 530, ill.