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From: Michael Moses Master Craftsmen of Newport: The Townsends and Goddards (Tenafly, N.J.: MMI Americana Press, 1984), 227
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Maker, possibly by John Goddard, American, 1723–1785



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Private Collection


Made in Newport, Rhode Island
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John S. Walton, Inc., New York, 1974. CRN Auctions, Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts, May 1, 2011; sold to Gary R. Sullivan Antiques, Inc., Sharon, Massachusetts

Associated names

John S. Walton, Inc.
CRN Auctions, Inc.
Gary R. Sullivan Antiques, Inc.


The half-round single-board top has a rounded and molded edge and is joined to its conformingly shaped single-board upper leaf by two pairs of brass hinges set into the edges of the leaves? rear corners. The lower leaf is joined to the frame by two pairs of wrought iron hinges set into its underside and into the top of the carved incurvate brackets with chamfered edges set into grooves in the outside face of the rear interior rail. The upper corner of the top leaf?s back edge is cut out to fit over these hinges when the top is open, and the tops of the swinging portions of the rear exterior rails are cut out to fit over the incurvate brackets when the top is closed. The hinged tops open to reveal a semi-circular well whose single-board bottom is set into a groove in the veneered front and is fixed with rosehead nails to the bottom of the interior rear rail. This rail is also fixed with rosehead nails in its central portion to the stationary part of the exterior rear rail. A flat molding with a quarter round front is nailed with brads to the bottom of the front rail. The skirt?s front rail meets the ends of the interior rear rail in concealed joints. The rear corners of the frame are rabbeted to accommodate the tops of the two swinging rails, which move by means of round five-knuckled carved wood hinges and are tenoned and double-wood-pinned to their legs. The rear legs are square-sectioned with angular knees, rounded ankles and fully round shod pad feet. The front leg has a rounded knee (angular in back) carved with stylized foliage, and deeply carved tendons, claws, and talons grasping an elongated ball foot. Examined by P. E. Kane, September, 2010; notes compiled by T. B. Lloyd.

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