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Photo: Courtesy Northeast Auctions, Hampton and Portsmouth, N.H.
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Maker Unknown


Closed: 30 1/2 33 16 in. (77.47 83.82 40.64 cm)



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Made in Massachusetts, or made in Rhode Island
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Mahogany and light and dark wood inlay (primary); beech (hinged rail and possibly straight sections of side rails); pine (stationary rail and laminated front corners); yellow poplar (glue blocks)






Vira Hladun-Goldmann house, New York, 2003. Northeast Auctions, Hampton and Portsmouth, New Hampshire (sale held Manchester, New Hampshire), October 25, 2009, lot 510

Associated names

Vira Hladun-Goldmann
Northeast Auctions


The solid stationary and hinged tops each have a line-inlaid edge. There is a single leaf-edge tenon. The top is affixed to the rails by means of four screw pockets, one at the straight front rail, one each at the curving, single-laminated corners, and one at the stationary rail. The rails are veneered. The laminated corner rails are attached to the front and side rails with screw pockets, two at each lamination. There are chamfered glue blocks at the corners. The stationary rail is dovetailed to the side rail. The stationary rail is attached to the hinged rail with six rosehead nails, which extend through the exterior of the stationary rail. There is a narrow filler strip between the stationary rail and the hinged rail. The rectangular hinge has five teeth. The rails are tenoned to the legs, which are tapered and rectangular. Examined by P. E. Kane and B. W. Colman, October 19, 2009; notes compiled by T. B. Lloyd.


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