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Photo: Courtesy of Gary R. Sullivan Antiques, Inc., Sharon, Mass.; photo by Matthew J. Buckley
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Maker Unknown



Current location

Private Collection


Made in Rhode Island
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Mahogany (primary); maple (hinged and stationary rails); pine (glue blocks)






Gary R. Sullivan Antiques, Inc., Sharon, Massachusetts, 2010

Associated names

Gary R. Sullivan Antiques, Inc.


The hinged and stationary tops are single boards, the lower attached to the frame with chamfered glue blocks. The front and side rails are attached to the corner posts with mortise and tenon joints, exhibiting two pins at each side of the front corners. The stationary rail butts the side rail at the fixed side and at the swing side the rail is fastened to the stationary rail with two half-blind dovetails with half-pins above and below. Four rosehead nails fasten the hinged and stationary rails to one another. The knee return nailed to the swing leg supports the corner of frame when the table is closed. The molding at the base of the rails is held in place by rosehead nails. The hinge has six square teeth. There are no leaf-edge tenons. The tenon at the hinged leg is offset slightly toward the rear of the table. The underside of the top is toothed. Examined by P. E. Kane and W. S. Braznell, January 21, 2011; notes compiled by T. B. Lloyd.