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Photo: Courtesy CRN Auctions, Inc., Cambridge, Mass.
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Maker Unknown


Closed: 28 1/2 34 16 1/2 in. (72.39 86.36 41.91 cm)



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Made in Rhode Island
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Providence, Rhode Island, collector; consigned to CRN Auctions, Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts, January 29, 2012, lot 38

Associated names

CRN Auctions, Inc.
Providence, Rhode Island Collector


The oblong, single-board, rectangular top is molded at its front and side edges, connected to a conforming leaf by hinges set into its rear outside corners, and joined to the straight-skirted frame below by screw pockets. The front and side rails, decorated by a fillet molding, are attached to each other with mortise and tenon joints, each exhibiting wood pins?two for the proper right side rail, two for the proper right front rail, and three, in an anomalous pattern, for the proper left front rail. The front legs have open-work brackets nailed with brads to each skirt above. The proper right rear leg swings by means of a wood hinge to support the open top. Chamfered vertical glue blocks reinforce the joints between legs and rails. The rear, stationary, interior rail is not fixed directly to the swing rail, but set off from it by vertical blocks. The square legs are stop-fluted on their outside faces and chamfered in their inside corners. Notes compiled by T.B. Lloyd from photographs supplied by CRN Auctions.


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