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Photo: Courtesy Bernard and S. Dean Levy, Inc., New York
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Chest with drawer

Object number



Maker Unknown


32 3/4 37 1/2 18 1/2 in. (83.19 95.25 46.99 cm)



Current location

Private Collection


Probably made in Rhode Island
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Maple (front board and drawer front); pine (top, sides, till, moldings, drawer linings




Notations and calculations, in chalk, on underside of top


Coggeshall family, South County, Rhode Island, consigned to Gustave J. S. White, Newport, Rhode Island, February 2017. Bernard and S. Dean Levy, Inc., New York, 2017

Associated names

Bernard and S. Dean Levy, Inc.
Gustave J. S. White, Inc.
Coggeshall family


The single-board top has slightly rounded and thumb-molded front and side edges, and a square back-edge where it is joined to the single-board back with wrought-iron snipe hinges. At each end of the top?s underside is a cleat with tapered ends, fixed with three rosehead nails. The backboard?s outside edges are slightly chamfered and are lapped over the back edges of the single-board case sides, to which they are fixed with rosehead and other nails. The single-board case front is nailed with brads into rabbets in the front edges of the case sides. A single drawer below rests upon supports fixed inside the case sides with rosehead nails. The ends of these supports are visible below the bottom edge of the backboard. The drawer rests in front on a rail which is joined to the case sides and the drawer supports. Nailed with brads to the front of this rail and to the case sides just above their integral arched bracket feet is a single-piece base molding. The lid opens to a well whose bottom is set into grooves in the case back, side, and front. In the well?s upper proper left corner is a till with a molded-edge hinged top doweled into the case back and front. The till?s front and bottom boards are set into grooves in the case side, front, and back and the upper portions of the front and back grooves have wood fillers. The lipped, thumb-molded front of the drawer below meets its slightly shorter, flat-topped, full height sides in dovetail joints having very large single pins, with half-pins above and below; the tails are reinforced with brads. The single-board drawer bottom, parallel to the front, is chamfered at the front and sides, where it fits into grooves in the elements above. It is nailed with brads to the bottom of the flat-topped drawer back. The tails at the back ends of the drawer side extend beyond the face of the drawer back and are reinforced with brads. The drawer fronts are very slightly kerf-marked. Examined by P.E. Kane, March 16, 2017; notes compiled by T.B. Lloyd.


"The ADA/Historic Deerfield Antiques Show: Special Show Section," Antiques and the Arts Weekly (September 29, 2017): 15, ill.