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Photo: Courtesy of Gary R. Sullivan Antiques, Inc., Sharon, Mass.; photo by Matthew J. Buckley
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Dining table

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Maker Unknown


Closed: 27 3/8 14 1/4 44 3/16 in. (69.53 36.2 112.24 cm) Width, open: 42 1/2 in. (107.95 cm)



Current location

Gary R. Sullivan Antiques, Inc.


Made in Rhode Island
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Mahogany (primary); pine (stationary rail and corner blocks); maple (cross brace and hinged rails)




"X," in graphite, on underside of one hinged rail


Wayne Pratt, Inc., Woodbury, Connecticut, and Nantucket, Massachusetts. Gary R. Sullivan Antiques, Inc., Sharon, Massachusetts, 2014


The oblong single-board rectangular square-edged top is joined to its single-board rectangular leaves by six pairs of wrought-iron hinges, four pairs aligning with the tops of each outside leg, and two pairs at the midpoint of the long rails. Each leaf is thrice-screwed. The top is secured to its frame by six screwpockets ? one each inside the short rails and two each inside the ends of the interior long rails. The interior long rails are tenoned to the tops of the stationary corner legs. Those rails are joined by a transverse batten dovetailed to the bottom of each rail at its midpoint. In each corner of the frame are two vertical glue blocks. The short rails of the frame are tenoned, without wood pins, to the stationary corner legs. A fillet molding is set into a groove in each short rail?s face, and their skirts are molded. The stationary portion of each exterior long rail is attached by six countersunk screws through its outside face to the interior long rail and is separated from its adjacent corner leg by a rectangular vertical block. The swinging portion of each exterior long rail moves by means of a circular five-knuckled carved wood hinge. The swinging rails are tenoned without wood pins to their legs. Stop-fluted on their outside faces only, the legs are chamfered on their inside corners. Photographs courtesy of Gary R. Sullivan Antiques, Inc.; notes compiled by T. B. Lloyd.