Grindall Rawson, 1719–1803


cabinetmaker; joiner; shop joiner; shop keeper

Alternate name(s)

Grindal Rawson


Providence, Rhode Island

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Grindall Rawson was born July 17, 1719 in Mendon, Massachusetts. His father was Wilson Rawson (1692–1726), yeoman of Mendon, in Worcester County. His mother was Margaret Arthur (d. 1757) of Nantucket. His paternal grandfather was Grindall Rawson (1659–1715), Harvard College 1678. A friend of Cotton Mather, his grandfather preached at Medfield, Mendon, and Taunton, writing his Confessions of Faith in both English and a Native American language. His paternal grandmother was Susanna Wilson of Medfield, granddaughter of John Wilson, the first minister of Boston.(1)

Rawson was married at least four times. His first wife was Hannah Leavens of Killingly, Connecticut, with whom he had two children before she died in December, 1753. His second wife was Elizabeth Boyd (c. 1726–1761) of Newport, with whom he had six children before her death. His third wife was Zeruiah Harris (1731–1765), who died after giving birth to a son. His fourth and final wife was Nancy Atwell Freeman, who died in 1771, the same year that they were married. Rawson's children are as follows: Joseph (1745-1750), Hannah (died young), Elizabeth (b. 1753, died young), Anna (1754-1557), Mary (1755-1759), Margaret (b. 1757, lived to adulthood), Benjamin (b. 1759, died young), Joseph (1760–1835), Grindall (b. 1763), Hannah (b. 1733).

He moved to Providence in 1741, establishing himself as a cabinetmaker, shopkeeper, and shop joiner. He died in December, 1803, in Providence.(2)

Benjamin W. Colman

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