Israel Peck, born 1697; worked 1731 - 1750


joiner; innholder; yeoman


Rehoboth, Rhode Island


Israel Peck was born November 18, 1697, to Joseph Peck (born 1650) and Elizabeth (Smith) Peck (born 1663) of Rehoboth. The town of Rehoboth was then part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, but would later be incorporated into Rhode Island. His paternal grandfather was Nicholas Peck (1630-1710), who was of Hingham, Massachusetts, by 1640 and Rehoboth, Massachusetts, by 1657. His paternal grandmother was Rebecca Peck (died 1704). His maternal grandparents were Henry Smith (died 1676) of Hingham and Rehoboth, and Elizabeth Cooper (died 1690) of Hingham and Rehoboth.(1) In November 9, 1727, he married Elizabeth Carpenter of Rehoboth.(2)

Peck was identified as a joiner in May, 1731, when he sold land alongside Rehoboth potter John Bishop to Barrington husbandman Samuel Kent.(3) He was again identified as a joiner in August, 1738 when he sold land with his wife to John Hunt, Rehoboth clothworker.(4) He was called a yeoman in December, 1739, when he sold land with his brothers Joseph, Nicholas, and Stephen to Benjamin Peck.(5)

His first wife Elizabeth Carpenter died sometime before December, 1746, when he married again, this time to Elizabeth Hunt of Rehoboth.(6) In 1750, then identified as an innholder of Warren, Rhode Island, Israel Peck purchased land from Rehoboth widow Elizabeth Thurber.(7)

Benjamin W. Colman and Benjamin W. Colman

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