John Carlile and Sons, active 1789–1803

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The firm of John Carlile and Sons was one of many names adopted by the family chairmaking and ship joining partnership of John Carlile (1757–1796), John Carlile, Jr. (1762–1832), and Samuel Carlile (1770–1741). The name was intermittently used between 1789 and 1803.(1)

A large group of carved urn-back chairs has been attributed to the shop of John Carlile and Sons based on two side chairs surviving with the printed labels of the firm; (RIF35 and RIF296).

Benjamin W. Colman

1. Ott, Joseph K. "Lesser-known Rhode Island Cabinetmakers: The Carliles, Holmes Weaver, Judson Blake, the Rawsons, and Thomas Davenport," Antiques 121 (May 1982): 1156.