Luther Metcalf, 1756–1838




Medway, Massachusetts, Providence, Rhode Island

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Luther Metcalf was born in 1756 in Wrentham, Massachusetts, to Joseph and Hannah (Haven) Metcalf. He apprenticed to North Franklin, Massachusetts, cabinetmaker Elisha Richardson. He removed to Medway, Massachusetts in 1773, where he would marry Mercy Whiting. Metcalf served in the Revolutionary War, first joining the Minute Men in 1775.(1)

Metcalf was briefly engaged in a cabinetmaking partnership with Cyrus Cleveland around 1801. Producing furniture cheaply using the rural labor pool of Medway, Metcalf shipped pieces to the more active commercial market of Providence for sale.(2)

He died in Medway in 1838.

Benjamin W. Colman

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