Ichabod Sanford, 1768–1860

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Ichabod Sanford was born in Medway, Massachusetts, in 1768. His parents were the Reverend David Sanford (1737–1810) and Bathsheba (Ingersol) Sanford (1738–1800).(1)

He is presumed to have apprenticed with Luther Metcalf, cabinetmaker of that town.

He had moved to Belchertown, Massachusetts, by 1799 when he married Nancy Howe (1776–1840). She was the daughter of Dr. Estes Howe (1747–1826), the first doctor of Belchertown and a veteran of the Battle of Saratoga, and Susanna (Dwight) Howe (1746– 1785).

He died in 1860 at the age of 91.(2)

Benjamin W. Colman

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