Ichabod Sanford, 1768–1860

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Ichabod Sanford was born in Medway, Massachusetts in 1768. His parents were the Reverend David Sanford (1737-1810) and Bathsheba (Ingersol) Sanford (1738-1800).(1)

He is presumed to have apprenticed with Luther Metcalf, cabinetmaker of that town.

He had moved to Belchertown, Massachusetts by 1799 when he married Nancy Howe (1776-1840). She was the daughter of Dr. Estes Howe (1747-1826), the first doctor of Belchertown and a veteran of the Battle of Saratoga, and Susanna (Dwight) Howe (1746-1785).

He died in 1860 at the age of 91.(2)


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