Webb and Scott, 1814–1815

Alternate name(s)

Adrian Webb and Charles Scott, Webb & Scott


Providence, Rhode Island

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In May, 1814, Adrian Webb and Charles Scott purchased the cabinetmaking concern of Judson Blake, creating the firm of Webb & Scott. Announcing the formation of their partnership, Webb and Scott advertised that they,

make all kinds of Cabinet and Chaise work, which they will sell on as reasonable terms as can be had in this town: and as they intend to make their furniture of good materials, and in a workmanlike manner, they take this method respectfully to solicit those who may be in want of any thing in their way to call and see for themselves.(1)

On September 22, 1815, Webb and Scott advertised the dissolution of their partnership. Scott maintained his cabinetmaking shop in the same location.(2)


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