John Albro, worked 1764 - 1792


chairmaker; cooper


West Greenwich, Rhode Island, Exeter, Rhode Island


John Albro, was identified as a chairmaker of West Greenwich, Rhode Island, when the Exeter, Rhode Island shopkeeper Joseph Holloway sued him in the King's County Court of Common Pleas in February 1764 for money owed by book and by note. (1) In the same court term Samuel Browning, a North Kingston, Rhode Island, shop keeper sued John Albro, a West Greenwich cooper for money due by book.(2) It is likely that John Albro the chairmaker and John Albro the cooper were one and the same individual. In 1791 Irons Albro, the son of Wait Albro of Exeter, deceased, chose John Albro of West Greenwich for his guardian. As part of the guardianship John was to teach Irons the art of coopering and chairmaking and was to have the privilege of moving into Irons's house. (3) The following year Albro was identified as a cooper of Exeter when he bought a thirty-five acre tract of land with a dwelling house in Exeter. (4) Since almost thirty years separates these references, it is also possible that the John Albro working in the 1790s is a descendant of the John Albro of the 1760s following the same trades.


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