Eliashib Adams, worked 1659 - died 1698




Bristol, Rhode Island


Eliashib Adams, was born in Medfield, Massachusetts, on February 18, 1659, the son of Eliashib and Lydia Adams.(1) He died in Bristol, Massachusetts (later Rhode Island), a carpenter, in 1698. He moved to Bristol as early as 1689 for in that year he married there Mehitable Cary (1670–d. after 1700), daughter of John and Elizabeth Cary of Bridgewater, Massachusetts, on December 18.(2) The couple had four children: Lydia (b. 1690/1), William (b. 1693), Mehitable (b. 1695), and Eliashib (b. 1697).(3) In the Church of Christ in Bristol, the Rev. John Sparhawk baptized the couple’s first three children on December 22, 1695 and Eliashib, Jr., on September 19, 1697.(4)

On March 2, 1697/8, a deed in the Bristol Land Evidence gives Adams’s profession as "Carpenter." The deed pertains to a ten-acre lot in Bristol Adams sold to yeoman John Allen for the sum of 30 current money of New England. Two members of his family witnessed the deed: James Adams, likely his brother, and his brother-in-law John Cary, also the town clerk.(5)

Adams’s Last Will and Testament, dated May 12, 1698, also records his profession as carpenter and names his wife and four children, to whom he bequeathed his personal property and land in Bristol.(6) His probate inventory, taken by Belamy Bosworth, David Cary, and James Adams, on July 27, 1698, lists "his carpenters Tooles Bettle & wedges" at 2, his household furnishings and wearing apparel, "his Dwel[l]ing house 4 ten acre lotts & two Commonages" in Bristol valued at 106, and a horse and various cattle valued at 23.12.0. The value of his total estate was appraised at 164.14.0.(7)

Dennis A. Carr

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