Richard Arnold, 1643–1710




Providence, Rhode Island


The inventory of Captain Richard Arnold, born March 22, 1642/3 of Thomas Arnold (1599-1674) and Phebe Parkhurst (d. after 1688) and died in Providence April 22, 1710, lists his woodworking and other tools, which include "Carpenters Tooles 31s,” “nailes 10s," "sledge & one old hoe 7s,” “2 Axes, a hoe & a Crow 00-14-08,” “a Tenant saw & an old hoe 7s, & 4 Augers 8s 00-15-00,” “more goods and Old Iron at Thomas his house,” “Armes, Tooles, Old Iron, &ct Not household goods 08-12-00,” and “old Iron 00- 5-00.” In his will, proved May 10, 1710, Arnold gave his eldest son Richard (d. 1745) his share in a saw mill “at the Falls” on the Woonasquatucket River near Providence. No evidence of Arnold’s furniture production has been found; however, he owned several chests, a trunk, some chairs, and “a deske with some Bookes,” in addition to other goods at his “house at Towne” and property at Woonasquatucket. He and his first wife Mary Angell (d. 1695) had two younger sons in addition to Richard: John (1670-1756), who was a miller and probably also a carpenter, and Thomas (1675-1727), and a daughter Mary.(1)

Dennis A. Carr

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