Joseph Carpenter, 1751–1813




Providence, Rhode Island, Uxbridge, Massachusetts

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Joseph Carpenter was born in 1751 in Providence, Rhode Island, to cabinetmaker and shop joiner Gershom Carpenter and his wife Hannah (Cooke) Carpenter (died 1809).(1) His paternal grandparents were Stephen Carpenter (1696–1778) and Martha (Hunt) Carpenter (1702 or 1703–1741).(2) In May, 1770, he married Persis Rawson (1751–1831). She was the daughter of Thomas Rawson (1733-1802) and Anna (Waldon) Rawson (died 1783) of Mendon, Massachusetts.(3) Persis was a distant cousin of the Providence carpenter and cabinetmaker Grindal Rawson.

In 1772, Joseph moved to Uxbridge, Massachusetts, with his wife and son William.(4) He served as a private twice during the Revolutionary War, first in James Chapman's Company, and later in Rhode Island as part of Colonel Wade's regiment in 1778.(5)

When his father died in 1793, he was again identified as residing in Providence. (6) Joseph died in Uxbridge in 1813.(7)

Benjamin W. Colman and Patricia E. Kane

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