Pardon Davenport, 1755–1818


chairmaker; turner


Tiverton, Rhode Island


Pardon Davenport was born in 1755 in Little Compton, Rhode Island. His parents were Noah Davenport (1727–1756) and Alice Brownell. His paternal grandparents were John Davenport (1694–1741) and Elizabeth (Taylor) Davenport (1701–1760) of Little Compton and later Tiverton, Rhode Island.(1)

Pardon married Comfort Palmer (born 1757), daughter of Moses and Susannah (Taylor) Palmer. Together they would have 11 children; Susannah (1781–1813), Philip (1782–1816), Gideon (born 1785), John Avery (born 1787), Noah (born 1789), Dennis (born 1791), Phebe (1793-–1816), Elijah (born 1796), Cyrus (born 1801), and Samuel Hubbard (1805–1806).(2)

By the early 1780's, he had moved to Tiverton. In 1781, he witnessed a deed between Charles Brownell and Joseph Brownell.(3) In 1784, then identified as a yeoman in Tiverton, he purchased land from John Davenport, a tailor of Tiverton.(4)

In 1785, the estate inventory of David Cook included a note of hand against Pardon Davenport for six dollars and seventy cents due in November of that year.(5)

In 1789, he sold land in Tiverton to Ephraim Davenport, yeoman and miller.(6)

In October, 1794 he made a hoe-handle and bottomed one chair for Capt. Nathaniel Briggs.(7)

He died in 1818.

Benjamin W. Colman and Patricia E. Kane

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