Daniel Kinnicutt, born 1735; worked 1760 - 1792




Warren, Rhode Island, Barrington, Rhode Island


Daniel Kinnicutt was born July 14, 1735, probably in Barrington, Massachusetts, a part of Bristol County that would transfer to Rhode Island later in the century. His parents were John Kinnicutt (1700–1783) and Anna (Eddy) Kinnicutt. His paternal grandparents were John Kinnicutt (born 1669) and Elizabeth (Luther) Kinnicutt.(1)

Kinnicutt had removed to the adjacent town of Warren, Rhode Island, by 1760 when he purchased land there from yeoman Timothy Warren.(2) He is identified as a shop joiner in that deed. In July, 1766, when Kinnicutt sued Swansea, Massachusetts, shopkeeper William Hill to recover twenty pounds, he was identified as a cabinetmaker.(3)

Daniel's wife was Hannah Kent. The couple would have been married by April, 1765, when their son Josiah was born in Barrington. She was born March 13, 1737, to Josiah Kent (born 1705) and Alathea (Bullock) Kent (born 1712). Her paternal grandparents were Samuel Kent (born 1668) and Desire (Cushman) Kent (1673–1762). Her maternal grandparents were Samuel Bullock and Anna (Salisbury) Bullock.(4)

Throughout the 1760s and 1770s, Kinnicutt was repeatedly brought before the Inferior Courts of Common Pleas for Bristol and Providence counties, generally for failing to pay debts. He is usually identified as a cabinetmaker, shop joiner, or gentleman of Warren, though on several occasions he was called of Barrington. In 1772, for example, he was called a Barrington cabinetmaker when Barrington mariner William Brown sued him in the Bristol County court for failing to pay a twenty five pound debt.(5)

He served as a lieutenant during the Revolution from 1776 to 1781.(6)

He was identified as a Barrington joiner in 1784 when he sold land in Warren to John Kinnicutt, Jr., a cordwainer of Warren.(7) Final mention of Daniel occurred in 1792 when he sold land in Barrington to Solomon Townsend, esquire of Barrington. Daniel was called a Barrington yeoman at that time.(8)

His date of death remains to be discovered.

Benjamin W. Colman and Patricia E. Kane

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