Josiah Kinnicutt, 1765–1838




Barrington, Rhode Island


Josiah Kinnicutt was born April 2, 1765 in Barrington, Rhode Island. His father was Daniel Kinnicutt (1735-1817), Barrington cabinetmaker, and his mother Hannah (Kent) Kinnicutt (born 1737). His paternal grandparents were John Kinnicutt (1700-1783) and Anna (Eddy) Kinnicutt. His maternal grandparents were Josiah Kent (born 1705) and Alathea (Bullock) Kent.

On November 8, 1787, he married Rebecca Townsend (1768-1850). Her father was Solomon Townsned, and her mother Martha (Bourne) Townsend.(1)

He was called a cabinetmaker in Barrington in October, 1796, when he purchased land from yeoman Isaac Ormsbee.(2) He was variously engaged as a tavern keeper, hearse driver, representative to the state General Assembly, and was the first post master of Barrington. He introduced anthracite coal to the town in 1827.(3)

He died in 1838, and an inventory of his estate was presented in June of that year.(4)

Benjamin W. Colman and Patricia E. Kane

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