John Lindenberger, 1752 or 1753–1817


cabinetmaker; toolmaker


Providence, Rhode Island


John Lindenberger was born in 1752 or 1753, possibly in Maryland.

Prior to 1787, he was active as a planemaker in Johnston, Rhode Island. In 1787, he advertised his move to Providence, "from Johnston, to a SHOP in the S.W. Part of this Town, [...] where, at the Sign of the JOINTER, he makes and repairs CARPENTERS' and JOINERS' Tools."(1)

In 1794, he advertised several house lots for sale in Providence, along with, One new Chaise and Harness, complete, which will be sold or exchanged for an old One One Pair of Smith's Bellows; 1500 Feet of seasoned clear stuff; 1800 Feet of Oak Timber &c.He adds at the end of the advertisement that, "the Subscriber makes and sells warranted Carpenter's and Joiners Moulding and Bench TOOLS."(2) Lindenberger was clearly engaged in a diverse business, active as a blacksmith and toolmaker, with interests in real estate.

In 1799, he added to his list of occupations when he advertised, THE Subscriber takes the Liberty to inform the young Carpenters of this Town and its Vicinity, that he intends to open an EVENING SCHOOL, for the Purpose of teaching ARCHITECTURE-Those who wish to be initiated in that useful Art, may know the Terms by applying to John Lindenberger.(3)

In 1803 he again advertised the breadth of his services, THE subscriber respectfully informs the Carpenters and Joiners of town and Country that he continues making warranted PLANES, of all descriptions, of the best materials.-Good encouragement will be given to a LAD, between 14 and 17 years of age, as an apprentice to the above business.

He will take three scholars, to teach them Architecture.

Wanted, beach and birch stuff, from 3 1-2 down to an inch in thickness, differing an eighth of an inch: mostly thick plank.

For Sale, a neat Mahogany CLOCK-CASE, and a good CLOCK-a handsome MARE (a foal of King Herod) excellent for saddle and chaise.-Also, British white lead and Spanish brown, ground in oil, in kegs. West-India goods will be taken in pay for any of the above articles.(4)

In March, 1817, he advertised land for sale with the justification that, "THE subscriber being about the leave this State, offers about one mile south west of the bridge, on the great road leading to Plainfield." He also offered his horse, chaise, wagon, and, "a Superior eight day CLOCK, and mahogany case."(5)

He died later that year before his move, leaving his house in Providence to his wife Dorcas.(6)

Benjamin W. Colman

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