Matthew Manchester, 1769 or 1770–1817




Coventry, Rhode Island

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Mathew Manchester was born in 1769 or 1770.

It was reported in the Rhode-Island American, and General Advertiser of September 12, 1817 that, In Coventry, suddenly on the 1st instant of a paralytic paroxysm, Matthew Manchester, Esq 47 years.-Through life he was remarkably industrious, and maintained the character of an honest man.

The October, 1817 inventory of his estate taken by Lowry Arnold included many woodworking tools. These include a carpenter's bench, lathe, various saws, planes, chisels, compasses, squares, screw drivers, a branding iron, and a glue pot.(1)

Benjamin W. Colman and Patricia E. Kane

1. Matthew Manchester, estate administration and inventory, Coventry Probate vol. 2, pp. 512–517, Coventry Town Hall, R.I.