Samuel Phillips, born ca. 1750, died 1788




Newport, Rhode Island

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Little can be found about the life of Samuel Phillips. He was probably born about 1750. A record of a marriage of Samuel Phillips to Sarah Lambert in the Rev. Thurston’s Baptist Church in Newport is recorded in 1775.(1) Phillips was identified as Newport chairmaker when he was sued by Joseph Sanford, Exeter, shop joiner, and assignee of William Harrison in the King’s County Court of Common Pleas in August 1782.(2) Phillips was dead by December 1, 1788 when his wife Sarah presented an inventory of his estate to the Probate Court in Newport.(3) When the administrator’s account of Phillips’s insolvent estate was given to the court on May 2, 1794, it included payment to Samuel Sanford for a coffin.(4)

Patricia E. Kane

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