Samuel and Joseph Rawson, Jr., active 1826–52

Alternate name(s)

S. and J. Rawson, Jr.


Providence, Rhode Island

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Brothers Samuel Rawson (1786-1852), and Joseph Rawson, Jr. (1788-1870) established the firm Samuel & Joseph Rawson, Jr. following the 1826 dissolution of the firm Joseph Rawson & Son. Occupying the same premises as the earlier business, they advertised for sale, extensive supply of CABINET WARE; such as Bureaus, various patterns and sizes, Grecian claw feet Tables, Grecian Sofas, Cherry Tables, various patterns and sizes Bedsteads-Mahogany, Curled Maple and Cherry, of all sizes.(1)

In 1833, Joseph, Jr., and his brother advertised a new selection of wares, this time under the name "Rawsons' Furniture Ware House. Their wares included new additions such as center tables with marble tops, wash stands, "pillar and claw dining and breakfast tables," as well as "Ladies' Work Tables, Fire Screens, Music Stools &c. &c."(2)

Benjamin W. Colman

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