Abel Allen, ca. 1765–1840


house carpenter or housewright


Providence, Rhode Island


Abel Allen has been listed as a cabinetmaker in Providence in the Decorative Arts Photographic Collection at Winterthur. It is more likely he worked as a house carpenter. He was paid for making repairs to the pew of Nathaniel Richmond in Dr. Hitchcock’s Providence meetinghouse in 1795. The bill was from both Abel and Darius Allen, also a housewright or carpenter, and possibly a relative.(1) Abel also provided Caleb Wheaton, the Providence clockmaker, with 465 of feet merchantable pine boards. (2)


Estate of Nathaniel Richmond, bill from Abel and Darius Allen for work done on pew, 1795. Providence Probate Files, A1625, City Hall, Providence, Rhode Island.

Bill from Abel Allen to Caleb Wheaton for 465 ft merchantable pine board. Providence Probate Files, frame 760, A1713, City Hall, Providence, Rhode Island