Cole and Haliburton, 1796–1798


Warren, Rhode Island

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In an advertisement dated December 23, 1796, Benjamin Cole and James Halyburton announced their partnership in the cabinetmaking business in Warren stating that they made "fashionable Plain and Inlaid, Mahogany, Cherry-Tree and Maple Work."(1) The specific mention of inlay in the advertisement adds credence to an attribution of the card tables to Cole or Haliburton since the use of inlay on it is unusually elaborate. The partnership was short-lived. An additional advertisement on April 21, 1798 announced that it was dissolved.(2)


Herald of the United States (December 24, 1796), vol. 5, no. 247, p. 983. The add was repeated in Herald of the United States (January 14, 1797 vol. 5, no. 249, p. 988. There was a joiner named Benjamin Cole 2nd recorded in Warren deeds in 1787, who may have been the individual in the partnership; see Sara Steiner Research Notes, Warren Deeds, Book 3, p. 73, Rhode Island Furniture Archive, Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, Conn.

Herald of the United States (April 20, 1798): vol. 7, no. 314, p. 1255.