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Photo: Courtesy Christie's, New York
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Dining table

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Maker Unknown
(hinges) John Palmer, active 1750–70


Height: 28 in. (71.12 cm) Width: 57 3/4 in. (146.685 cm) Length, top extended: 28 57 3/4 57 1/4 in. (71.12 146.69 145.42 cm)



Current location

Private Collection


Made in Newport, Rhode Island
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Mahogany (primary); birch (rails)


"IP," stamped on iron hinges on underside of top




William Augustus Erving, Hartford, Connecticut. Christie's, New York, June 12, 1982, lot 196

Associated names

Private Collection
William A. Erving


The oblong, single-board top has a slightly rounded edge and bowed ends, and is joined to its single-board, half round leaves by six pairs of iron hinges, each leaf thrice-screwed. The joints between top and leaves are quarter round. Four pairs of hinges are set slightly inward of the legs; the other two pairs are near the center of the frame. The top is joined to its frame by countersunk screws in the chamfered ends of transverse battens, which pass through the outer rails near the legs, and in a batten near the midpoint of the frame. Another transverse batten is dovetailed and fixed with later screws to the bottom of the inner rails at their midpoint. The inner and outer rails are joined by rosehead nails. The hinged portions of the outer rails are notched to accommodate the transverse battens, and are tenoned and twice-wood-pinned to the rabbeted tops of the swinging legs. One swinging leg contains a later, third wood pin. Behind each swinging leg, each inner rail meets its flat-arch-skirted short rail in rabbeted dovetail joints, having large, finely cut, narrow-necked pins, with half-pins above and below. The swinging legs move by means of square, carved wood, five-knuckled hinges. The square-sectioned cabriole legs have angular knees, deeply carved tendons, and claws with prominent knuckles and undercut talons grasping built-up elongated ball feet. Examined by P. E. Kane, March 11, 2004; notes compiled by T. B. Lloyd.


Christie's, New York, Important American Furniture, Silver, and Decorative Arts, sale cat. (June 12, 1982), 90–91, lot 196, ill.