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Photo: Courtesy Erik Gronning
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Chest with drawer

Object number



Maker Unknown


33 48 21 3/4 in. (83.82 121.92 55.245 cm)



Current location



Possibly made in Rhode Island
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Oak (primary); chestnut (bottom of the till, top, drawer sides, bottom, and some of the turned ornaments).


Alice and Murray Braunfeld, Los Angeles; consigned to Sotheby's, New York, January 17, 2004, lot 1164

Associated names

Murray Braunfeld
Alice Braunfeld
Erik K. Gronning


The oblong top consists of four horizontal boards, molded on its front and side edges and joined to the top rail of the back with snipe hinges. Cleats are nailed under the overhangs at either end. The stiles and rails of the sides and back meet in mortise and tenon joints, each showing one wood pin; those at the top rails have two pins. The panels of the sides and back are let into the grooves in their respective stiles and rails. The rear corner stiles form the back legs, and are set out in a quarter-round ledge to support the lid when open. To the lower portion of the back is applied, with rosehead nails, a large, roughly finished and chamfered board, serving as a backboard for the drawer. There is no case bottom. The bottom of the chest above consists of multiple transverse boards, butted together and fixed into rabbets in the front and rear medial stiles with rosehead nails. Within the chest is a till, whose hinged, molded lid is doweled into the proper left front and rear posts and whose front rail is set into grooves in the front and rear upper stiles. The drawer below has square-topped sides, tenoned into the drawer front, and deeply rabbeted to move upon runners set into grooves in the front and rear posts. The chest front is decorated with a variety of molded orthogonal and diagonal panels and applied bosses. The drawer front is faced to stimulate two small drawers, divided by and flanked by pairs of applied split spindles. There are moldings applied with rosehead nails on the rail between the drawer and chest front and on the rail below the drawer. Examined by D.A. Carr, January, 2004; notes compiled by T.B. Lloyd


Sotheby's, New York, The Collection of Alice and Murray Braunfeld, sale cat. (January 17, 2004), 84–85, lot 1164, ill.