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Photo: Courtesy Winterthur Library, Ralph Carpenter Archive
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Maker Unknown


At base: 18 22 15 in. (45.72 55.88 38.1 cm)



Current location

Private Collection


Made in Newport, Rhode Island
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Mahogany (primary); white pine (blocks behind the feet); yellow poplar (bottom of the chest); unidentified mahogany-like wood (bottom of the till)


Donald Sack, Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania, before 1984; sold to Ann and Philip Holzer, Great Neck, New York, by 1993


The boards on the lid are joined at the corners with blind dovetails. The top of the chest is a single mahogany board inset into the lid. The molded edges are worked from the solid mahogany of the lid and are not applied. The chest locks with triple lock mechanism with its three original keys. The sides of the case are mitered with blind dovetails. The four top edges of the case are rabetted to create a solid interior rim to accommodate the lid and the concealed, counter-sunk strike for the locks. The hinges are attached with screws to the inside of the lid and the top inside of the case. Only the edges of the hinged pivots are visible on the outside. The interior till box is now glued to the inside of the chest. There is a round hole approximately r in the upper back of the chest with asymmetrical wear marks around the interior side. It is likely that the chest was secured to a wall or post at one time with a chain that passed through this hole. The feet are attached to a frame that rests on the bottom board of the chest. Vertical glue blocks reinforce the feet and rest on the frame; horizontal glue blocks abut them. At one time (possibly, originally) there were casters on the feet. A molding is applied on four sides of the bottom of the chest. Examined by P. E. Kane May 18, 2009.


Philip Holzer, Philip and Ann Holzer Collection Supplement to Catalogue (n.p.: privately printed, 1993), 182–185, no. 69, fig. 69.1–69.3.